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Who we are?

Pro Quo Abogados is a firm located in Palma de Mallorca that is mainly dedicated to providing legal services and business advice to small, medium-sized companies and individuals

Our goal is that the companies that collaborate with us have at all times of advice to know what are the tax and labor benefits that the law allows. We also offer financial information so that entrepreneurs can know to a greater or lesser extent how their business project is going.

What we do?

We have several law graduates. Our legal services in Mallorca are as follows:

  • Labor lawyers specialized in labor conflicts.
  • Labor accidents.
  • Family lawyers specialized in divorces.
  • Immigration and foreigners.
  • Inheritance, successions and donations.
  • Disability and temporary or permanent disability.
  • Civil Law (all types of contracts).
  • Tax Law.
  • Commercial Law (commercial contracts).
  • Bankruptcy Law.
  • Administrative Law.
  • Procedural Law.
  • Costs of claiming the mortgage floor clause.

Tax and Accounting Advisory

Our tax and accounting consultancy is mainly focused on providing economic and financial information for the entrepreneur. In addition to this, the tax management that every company has is essential to avoid problems with the AEAT (State Administration of the Tax Agency) and the Social Security.

  • Registration, cancellation and modification by means of Form 036/037 of the census in the AEAT.
  • Advice on how to make and issue an invoice correctly.
  • Advice on the IRPF Withholdings, its operation and types.
  • Presentation of the model 130 of the Payment on account of IRPF.
  • Presentation of the model 115 corresponding to the withholdings of the rents.
  • Presentation of form 111 corresponding to the withholdings of professionals and workers.
  • Presentation of form 303 corresponding to the Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • Annual presentation of the IRPF.
  • Preparation of the accounting, registration of a Daily Book and a Book register of VAT and Investment Goods.
  • Presentation of the corresponding annual forms (190, 180, 390, 347).
  • Attention and answer of possible notifications and requirements of the Tax Agency.
  • Preparation of the Accounting Books, the Annual Accounts and the Book of Partners and Administrators for the Mercantile Registry.

Labor Advisory Services

Labor counseling, although closely linked to the legal labor field, differs in that here the advice is more related to the management and normal operations of the company. That is to say, we give guidelines and offer information on:

  • Different contracts that may exist.
  • Social Security bonuses.
  • Preparation of Payrolls and TC’s.
  • Registrations, cancellations and possible variations made from the Red System.
  • Processing of retirement pensions.
  • Prevention of labor risks.


Entreno Cruzado

“During all these years of providing us with business and legal advice we have always been very satisfied. We have always proceeded correctly in all labor and tax matters thanks to their dedicated and attentive advice. They have taken care of notifications and done paperwork for us, always with excellent results. For a legal protection of the company and a correct economic operation. Excellent.”
CrossFit Entreno Cruzado


“Very personal and professional treatment, one of the best I have met. Highly recommended.”

La Maleta Roja de Palma de Mallorca

“Superb customer service. Very professional in both legal and business advice. Really worth consulting with them. They know how to listen and let you know the best solution for your specific case. I have been very happy and satisfied.”

Silvia F. G.

Very competent and helpful professionists, always plenty available, at any time in case of need.
I seeked legal advice for some job related matters and they’ve been very good at finding the right solution to get things sorted out.
Also very honest ref to the price for their services.
Strongly recommended!

Umberto Fulani, Pilot aircraft

You can contact us by calling +34 871 95 10 67